Computer Science Practicum

Winona State University's computer science practicum provides Computer Science majors with experience in a non-academic setting. It is intended to serve as an introduction to an application environment as well as to solidify many of the concepts learned in the classroom. For these reasons, it is to be taken only by students who are nearing the end of their program of study and who have little or no previous work experience. For those students who are currently employed, the practicum must provide them with work experience which is substantially different from any previous or current work experience.

If you are interested in a practicum, read the requirements before completing the Student Information Form.

Practicum Requirements

I. Eligibility requirements
II. Locating a practicum site
III. Submitting a proposal for a practicum
V. Completing the practicum
IV. The final approval process

Get An Application Form

You can download a Student Information Form. It is a Microsoft Word document. You can either fill it in with Word and e-mail it back to Dr. Zhang or print a copy, fill it in manually and send it to him by regular mail.

For More Information

Dr. Mingrui Zhang
Department of Computer Science

Winona State University
Winona, MN 55987