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Computer Science Curriculum
Accessibility Program

- Removing Educational Barriers in the CS Major for Students with Disabilities -

Program Ended in 2007

This program is no longer active. The information included in this website is for historical reasons.

Overall Goal:

CSCAP is a joint program between the Computer Science departments of Winona State University and Saint Mary's University, both located in Winona, Minnesota.  The overall goal of the program is to increase the accessibility of the computer science curriculum for students with diverse learning abilities.

Current Projects:

Winona State University Student Links:

Job Announcement      and        Application Form

Saint Mary's University Student Links:

Job Announcement
       and        Application Form


Contact Information:

      For further information, contact either
Joan Francioni in the Computer Science Department at Winona State University,
(507) 457-2336, jfrancioni "at" winona.edu .
Ann Smith in the Computer Science Department at Saint Mary's University,
(507) 457-1430, asmith "at" smumn.edu .
This project is funded by grants from MNSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities)
and NSF (the National Science Foundation)

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