• What does it mean to be sustainable?

    The goal of sustainability is to not consume or damage our planets natural resources. Living sustainable means to use as little resources as possible, and strive to better the environment instead of harming it. At the sustainability theme house, our goal is to show the community that its not only possible to live a sustainable life style, but it's fun too!

    How do we live sustainable?

    Our sustainability house was specially designed to save electricity, water, and reduce waste. There are many built in features Having an efficient house is only half the battle. It's up to us to change how we live, and how use our planets resources if we truly want live sustainable and to better our environment. We do many things both individually and as a team to live green.

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    Shut off the Lights

    Saving energy 101, shut off the lights! Here at the sustainability house, we challenge ourselves to use as little artificial lighting as possible.

    Hand Wash Dishes

    The sustainability house came with the most expensive high-tech dishwashers possible, us! Hand-washing saves energy and water!

    Reusable Bags

    Using a reusable shopping bag eliminates the need for plastic or paper bags, and they are-o-so stylish too!

    Bike or Walk

    It's no secret that cars are bad for the environment, so we like to bike or walk whenever possible. Winona offers many bike lanes and crosswalks, making it a very safe town to be green in!


    We help our community in many ways, planting trees, cleaning trash off highways, all that fun stuff.