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As part of a University Studies course, 21 students and 3 faculty members traveled to New Orleans during the first week of March 2007 - to witness the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, to help with the recovery effort, and to enjoy the wonderful city of New Orleans. Working through ACORN, the students gutted 4 houses during their week in New Orleans.

Hurricane relief Initiative

A special WSU Foundation account has been established to support this and future worktrips to the affected regions of the Gulf Coast, as well as other service-learning activities related to hurricane relief. Your donations to this account will help support student travel, buy construction and other relief supplies, as well as coordinate our efforts for maximum effect.

logoWinona State University

Winona State Univeristy is committed to engaged learning models that integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

The Students

logoOur class of 21 students included first-year through graduate students, majoring in Computer Science, Women's Studies, and everything in between.

The Course

logoThe course is designed to address important questions that have been raised about race, racism, socioeconomic class, and poverty in the United States as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina played out in New Orleans, the Mississippi Gulf, and beyond.

Relief Work Experience

logoIn their own words and pictures, students tell about their experience of the course and the hurricane relief trip to New Orleans.