The department offers two options for the computer science major: Computer Science option and Applied Computer Science, and two minors: Computer Science and Computer Technology. Both CS major options include the same core computer science courses. On the Rochester campus, we are part of the "Path to Purple" program.

Computer Science Option

In the Computer Science Major option, students deepen their CS knowledge beyond the core with advanced CS courses in Theory, Programming Languages and Operating Systemsrs, Calculus, and 5-7 elective CS courses.

Applied Computer Science Options :

The Applied Computer Science Major option provides a way to consider the application of computer science to a specific emphasis. Students take advanced courses in Web Programming, Database Systems, and Human Computer Interaction, along with 5-7 CS elective and applied area courses. Currently, the three applied areas are

  • Bioinformatics Emphasis
  • Computer Information Systems Emphasis
  • Human Computer Interaction Emphasis

Path to Purple Option :

WSU offers the Path to Purple program for Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) students. Our students can take advantage of the Path to Purple program in a variety of ways:

  • Students can enroll at RCTC as part of the Path to Purple/2+2 program to earn an associate's degree, then move on to complete a bachelor's degree in selected academic programs with WSU-Rochester on the Rochester campus or WSU on the Winona campus.
  • Students can initially enroll in RCTC and then make an independent decision as to when they want to apply for admission to WSU.
  • Students who do not initially qualify for admission to WSU can enroll in RCTC to gain sufficient academic standing to qualify them for acceptance with transfer student status at WSU.