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Credits Course Code Title Prerequisites
4BIOL241Basics of Life
3CMST191Introduction to Public Speaking
3CMST192Introduction to Speech Communication
4ENG111College Reading and Writing
3MATH140Applied Calculus
4MATH212Calculus IMATH120
4MATH213Calculus IIMATH212
3STAT210StatisticsMATH140 or MATH212
3CS101Exploring Creative Computing
4CS234Algorithms and Problem Solving I
4CS250Algorithms and Problem Solving IICS234, MATH120
4CS275Mathematical Foundations of AlgorithmsCS234, MATH120
4CS313Networking and TelecommunicationsCS250, CMST191
4CS341Data StructuresCS250, CS275
3CS344Introduction to Web ProgrammingCS250
3CS345Mobile Application DevelopmentCS250
1-3CS366Topics in Emerging Computing TechnologiesCS250
4CS368Introduction to BioinformaticsCS250, BIOL241
4CS375Computer SystemsCS250
4CS385Applied Database Management SystemsCS250, ENG111
3CS405Operating SystemsCS341, CS375
4CS410Software EngineeringCS341, CS313, CS385, ENG111
3CS413Advanced Networking and TelecommunicationsCS313, CS375
3CS415Principles of Programming LanguagesCS341
3CS420Computer ArchitectureCS375
3CS423Computer and Network SecurityCS313 or CS375
3CS430Computer GraphicsCS341
3CS433Digital Image ProcessingCS341, MATH213
3CS435Theory of ComputationCS341
3CS440Theory of AlgorithmsCS341
3CS444Human Computer InteractionCS341, CS344 or CS345
3CS445Artificial IntelligenceCS341
3CS447Machine LearningCMST191, CS341, MATH212 or MATH140
3CS465Topics: Deep LearningCS341
3CS466Topics: General Computing Applications: Cyber SecurityCS341
3CS476Distributed Systems: Concepts and DesignCS405
3CS485Database Systems DesignCS341, CS385
3CS495Computer Science Research SeminarENG111, CS341
3PHYS332Digital CircutsCS250
3PHYS333Microprocessor ElectronicsPHYS332