Scholarships are awarded to students for being outstanding in one way or another. Some of the scholarships are specific to our department, and some are univerisity-wide. Here are a few of our special ones:

To apply for a scholarship, you must be a student with a "StarID" and password and access the Winona State University student resources (link below).


Senior student research projects encompass a wide variety of computer science topics. In the Research Seminar class, you can explore any area of computer science you want, and learn how to properly conduct a research project while doing it!


The CS Practicum provides students a paid experience in a non-academic setting. Students work in a professional environment to apply concepts learned in the classroom to the real world, under the supervision of a mentor. The practicum can only be taken by students nearing the end of their undergraduate degree.

Testing and Development Lab

The WSU Software Testing and Development Lab provides testing, development, and other computer and networking related technical services to local and regional businesses. Students are paid a salary to work in the lab under the direction of Computer Science faculty and staff.

Any student can apply to work at the Software Testing and Development Lab, however Computer Science students are given preference. During academic terms, students work 10 to 15 hours per week. During breaks and in the summer, they work from 20 to 40 hours per week.


Tutors are available for many different classes to help students outside of class. Upper-level CS Majors can apply to be a tutor in the department office.

CS Club

Are you such a fan of Computer Science that you want even more time working with computers even outside of class? Well, you're not alone. There are two student clubs for that!